the Impossible.

Many people think that transmitting power without wires over long distances is an impossible task. We don’t.

We are a world-class consortium of researchers, scientists, and technologists, driven to transform how the world accesses power.

We are pioneering extensive applications to provide unrestricted access to power for everyone without the limitations of power-line infrastructure. Applications that can deliver wireless power in the air, on earth or in space.


Smart Grid Network.

Embedding wireless power beaming into a smart grid development will more cleanly, safely and cost-effectively deliver the growing 21st-century green power to our communities and businesses.

Tactical power delivery to remote sites.

Transmitting power in hard-to-reach areas makes power supply for humanitarian and disaster relief efforts more achievable (even in the most physically challenging environments).

Recharging of autonomous systems.

Wirelessly recharging autonomous systems like drones and electric vehicles while they’re in motion reduces their need to stop and charge.

Satellite constellations.

Using wireless power transfer means satellites can share their power loads and enable more energy transmission.

Given our technology can be highly scalable and deployable, just imagine the possibilities wireless power transfer.


Winner of the Optus Fishburners Scholarship