We are revolutionising

how the world distributes power.

More demand for more power.

There’s an unprecedented rise in power-hungry devices (phones, laptops, drones, EV’s etc etc). This is putting more demand on aging infrastructure that is leading to power outages and high energy prices.

Reliable power distribution is an important global challenge that requires the development and implementation of innovative solutions.

Moving the world from Wires to Wireless.

On-Demand Power. Anytime. Anywhere.

The Pelos Group is developing a new Wireless Power Distribution System to transmit safe, clean, and persistent power without the need for cables, cords or wires (overcoming limitations and restrictions of power line infrastructure)

Our new Wireless Power Distribution System represents the transition to renewable energy infrastructure that modernises how power is generated, stored and distributed.

On-Demand Power.
Anytime. Anywhere.

New Technology. New Capability.

Our innovative wireless technology converts electricity from any source into invisible, high-intensity light beam, and then safely directs this beam to a specialised receiver that converts the light back to usable power.

The Pelos Group is bringing this new Australian capability to the market that will extend the reach of traditional power distribution and enable the next era of transformative wireless connectivity.